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See what our customers have to say about the Roxsee Jewelry Hanger…

Erika Gamba, Maple Valley, WA 

Roxsee Jewelry Hanger Erika Gamba Review

I used to keep jewelry in at least 3 different places and in no order whatsoever.  To be able to organize and store all of your jewelry in one place that is easily accessible and visual is essential. There are pieces of jewelry I forgot I had until I bought the Roxsee jewelry hanger! I know I’m not the only one who has spent hours untangling necklaces or combing through jewelry boxes looking for that perfect accessory for an outfit.  When all of my jewelry is right there in front of me in my closet where I pick out what to wear any given day, its saves me time.  The entire concept of the Roxsee is genius.  There’s really nothing else on the market like it!

Erika let's her sparkle out in the kitchen whipping up sparklicious cupcakes

erin-linscott.jpgErin Linscott, Issaquah, WA

Before the ROXSEE jewelry hanger I had jewelry in three different spots...agh! Where is that bracelet I need? After ROXSEE, I love how all my jewelry can be seen at a glance. It is in the perfect spot by my closet so I can add the finishing touches to my outfit!


Plus it even looks so pretty on display :) Now it will be hard to forget about those earrings buried in the bottom of the jewelry box! Hubby even likes how pretty it is!

 Erin let's her sparkle out during playdough time with her children





Becca Lewis, Bellingham, WA

 I love my Roxsee jewelry hanger it doesn't take up a lot of space and it is simple to  accessorize in a hurry.  It allows me to keep all my jewelry in one place and stay organized. Traveling to and from college is a breeze with Roxsee without the tangled mess.  


         Becca let's her sparkle out on the lake